Acids and Bases

A Colorful Magic Trick with Acids and Bases



Atomic Basics

Basic Atomic Structure: A Look Inside the Atom

What's an Ion?

What are Isotopes?

Atomic Number, Mass Number, and Net Charge

Practice Problems: Net Charge, Mass Number, Atomic Number

Isotopes and Elements Practice Problems

What are the Diatomic Elements?

Super Common Mistake: Diatomic Elements

What's the Difference between an Atom and a Molecule?

What's a polyatomic ion?

Biggest Mistakes in Chemistry: Polyatomic Ions

Huge Misconception: Protons, Electrons, Atoms, and Ions




Atomic Mass

What's the Difference between Mass Number and Atomic Weight?

What's the Difference between Mass Number and Atomic Mass?

Atomic Mass: How to Calculate Isotope Abundance

How to Calculate Atomic Mass Practice Problems

Atomic Mass Calculations: Extra Help and Explanation

Atomic Mass: Introduction

What is a Weighted Average?



Chemical Bonding

Bonding in Polyatomic Ions and Compounds

Ionic vs. Molecular

Valence Electrons and the Periodic Table

Ionic Bonding Introduction

Ionic Bonding Part 2

Ionic Bonding FAQ: Valence Electrons 1

Ionic Bonding FAQ: Valence Electrons 2

Ionic Bonding Part 3



Chemical Equations

Balancing Chemical Equations Practice Problems

Introduction to Balancing Chemical Equations



Chemical Formulas

Writing Ionic Formulas: Introduction

Writing Ionic Formulas: Practice Problems

Writing Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

Transition Metals in Ionic Formulas

Writing Ionic Formulas with Transition Metals

Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals Introduction

Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals Practice Problems

Naming Covalent Molecular Compounds

Naming Acids Introduction

Naming Acids Practice Problems



Chemical Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions

Classifying Types of Chemical Reactions Practice Problems




Density Practice Problems

Advanced Density Problem 1

Advanced Density Problem 2

Advanced Density Problem 3

Density: A Story of Archimedes and the Gold Crown




Introduction to Electrochemistry

Galvanic Cells (Voltaic Cells)


Electroplating Part 2




Empirical Formula

Writing Empirical Formula Practice Problems

Calculating Molecular Formula from Empirical Formula

Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula Introduction




Gas Pressure Conversions

The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gas (part 1)

The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gas (part 2)

Boyle's Law

Charles' Law

Combined Gas Law

Gay Lussac's Law Practice Problems

Gay Lussac's Law Practice Problems (part 2)

Ideal Gas Law Practice Problems

Ideal Gas Law: Where did R come from?

Ideal Gas Law Introduction

Ideal Gas Law Practice Problems with Molar Mass

Ideal Gas Law Practice Problems with Density

Rearranging the Combined Gas Equation

Which gas equation do I use?

Rearranging Charles', Gay-Lussac's, and Avogadro's Laws

Gas Equation FAQ and Extra Help

Be Lazy! Don't Memorize the Gas Laws!

What's the Point of Kelvin Temperatures?

Absolute Zero

Avogadro's Law

Gas Pressure: The Basics

Atmospheric Pressure

Measuring Gas Pressure and Atmospheric Pressure

Gas Stoichiometry: Equations Part 1

Gas Stoichiometry: Equations Part 2



General Science Videos

How do Fuel Cells Work?

Sodium Explodes in Water...Why Doesn't Salt?!?

Scientific Adventures at the Shell Energy Lab!

The Immune System: B Cell, T Cell, Soldier, Spy

Why Does Everyone Hate Science?

What are Bacteria?



Intermolecular Forces

Hydrogen Bonding and Common Mistakes

Don't make this mistake with Hydrogen Bonding!




Separating Liquids with Distillation

Separating Mixtures with Distillation



Molecular Structure

VSEPR Theory: Introduction

VSEPR Theory Practice Problems

VSEPR Theory: Common Mistakes

VSEPR Theory Part 2: Trigonal Bipyramidal Family

VSEPR Theory Part 3: Octahedral Family

VSEPR Theory Practice Problems (Advanced)




Introduction to Moles

Counting Atoms: Intro to Moles Part 2

The Most Common Mistake with Moles!

How to Calculate Molar Mass Practice Problems

Converting Between Moles, Atoms, and Molecules

Converting between Moles, Atoms, and Molecules (Part 2)

Converting Between Grams and Moles

Converting Between Grams and Moles (Part 2)

Very Common Mole Questions

Calculate the Mass of a Single Atom or Molecule

Converting Between Moles and Liters of a Gas at STP

Whats the difference between a Mole and a Molecule?



Nuclear Chemistry

Alpha Decay

Beta Decay

Positron Decay

Electron Capture

Nuclear Transmutation Part 1

Nuclear Transmutation Part 2

Isotope Notation

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Half Life: Intro and Explanation

Nuclear Half Life: Calculations



Oxidation Reduction (Redox)

Introduction to Oxidation Reduction (Redox) Reactions

The Oxidation Reduction Question that Tricks Everyone!

How to Calculate Oxidation Numbers Introduction

How to Calculate Oxidation Number Practice Problems

Oxidizing Agents and Reducing Agents

How to Balance Redox Equations in Acidic Solution

How to Balance Redox Equations in Acidic Solution Example 1

Balance Redox Equations in Acid Example 2 (Advanced)

How to Balance Redox Equations in Basic Solution

Balancing Redox Equations in Basic Solution Example Problem



Percent Composition

Percent Composition By Mass

Percent Composition Common Mistakes



Periodic Trends

Ionizing Energy and Atomic Radius



Phases of Matter

How does a liquid become a gas?

Phase Changes

Biggest Mistakes in Chemistry: Boiling and Evaporation

Biggest Mistakes in Chemistry: Dissolving



Scientific Notation

Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy and Precision (Part 2)

Error and Percent Error

Scientific Notation: Multiplication and Division

Scientific Notation: Addition and Subtraction

Scientific Notation: Introduction

Fixing Incorrect Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation Practice Problems



Significant Figures

Significant Figures Made Easy!

Significant Figures Made Easy! (1.2)

Significant Figures and Zero (1.3)

Significant Zero Practice Problems (1.4)

Multiplication and Division with Significant Zeros (1.5)

Add and Subtract with Significant Figures (1.6)

Scientific Notation and Significant Figures (1.7)

Scientific Notation and Significant Zeros (1.8)

Using Significant Figures Practice Problems (1.9)

Why are Significant Figures Important?

Significant Figures with Counting Numbers and Measurements




What Happens when Stuff Dissolves?

Molarity Practice Problems

Molarity Practice Problems (Part 2)

What's the Difference Between Molarity and Molality?

What's the Point of Molality?!?




Mole Ratio Practice Problems

Introduction to Limiting Reactant and Excess Reactant

Limiting Reactant Practice Problem

Limiting Reactant Practice Problem (Advanced)



Structure of the Atom

Models of the Atom Timeline

Atomic Structure: Discovery of the Neutron

Discovery of the Nucleus: Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment

Discovery of the Electron: Cathode Ray Tube Experiment

Charge of an Electron: Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment




Interaction Matters in Online Teaching

PatrickJMT, BozemanScience, and Tyler talk about Learning




Introduction to Thermochemistry and Enthalpy

Phase Changes: Exothermic or Endothermic?

Tricky Question: Exothermic or Endothermic?

Thermochemical Equations Practice Problems

Food Calorimetry Lab: Explanation

Food Calorimetry Lab: Calculations

Food Calorimetry: Common Mistakes



Unit Conversion

Converting Units with Conversion Factors

Converting Units using Multiple Conversion Factors

Multiple Conversion Factors (Part 2)

Understanding Conversion Factors

Converting Metric Units of Volume

Unit Conversions with Area and Volume




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